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Account registration

To start your journey with GRANDIZO, you first have to register an account. To make an investment and enjoy all the benefits we offer, you need to have a personal account. The registration process is simple and fast. Just specify your personal details and click the registration button. It's free and doesn't require any email confirmation nor any KYC procedure is required. Once you are signed up, you can also find your personal referral link in the account area.

Making a deposit

To make a deposit, simply log in to your account using the details you have used to sign up (the combination of your username and password). When you are logged in, from your account panel, locate the "Make a Deposit" button. The deposit form will be displayed where you choose the investment plan that interests you, enter the amount you would like to deposit and click on the "Continue" button. Once the button is clicked, you will be directed to a page asking you to confirm your deposit, click on the "Confirm Deposit" button. At the deposit confirmation process, you will be redirected to the payment processor website, where you are required to log in to finalize your deposit transaction. At this stage your deposit will be credited to the investment plan you have chosen and should equally reflect in our system under your account panel as your "Active Deposit".

Profits and withdrawals

Your profit is accrued every hour or after a specified time. The first accrual happens one hour after your deposit has been accepted by the website. This means that with crypto, your deposit starts after 1 confirmation on the blockchain. You have to remember that your deposit is included in the profit. Your investment will work on an ongoing basis, i.e. as long as the outlined time on the chosen plan. It means that once you make a deposit it will bring you profits every hour or day until the plan expires.

After your earnings were accrued, use the "Withdraw" function to make withdrawal request. Before that, make sure you set the correct Payment address in your account settings. All payments are non-refundable and if you make a mistake we can’t help you. Your withdrawal request will be processed as soon as possible.


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